Logging made simple

Tracking your emergency physicians’ nonclinical time by hand is cumbersome, imprecise, and can tie up valuable hospital resources.

It’s also a financial risk you don’t have to take.

Critical Access Hospitals that rely on manual logging and educated guesses to tally this CMS-reimbursable time either underestimate—leaving leaving money on the table—or overestimate—risking penalties in an audit.

HCS’s Real Time Locator Service (RTLS) speeds up and takes the guesswork out of calculating stand-by time and gets your CAH the maximum reimbursement while helping you stay compliant.

Do the math

Say it costs your ER $1.01 million annually for a physician who logs nearly 9,000 total hours. If you have quantifiable data showing that doctor spent 85 percent of his or her time on stand-by, your CAH could be reimbursed for 35 percent of that time, or nearly $260,000. Without such reliable reporting, the typical CAH can lose up to $150,000 a year.

Real time location gives you that quantifiable data.

And our RTLS monitoring devices are even more effective than standard models, which operate on radio frequencies. We use infrared, the most precise and accurate technology available for pinpointing location.

The physician simply attaches the discreet device to a lapel or a pocket and then forgets about it. The wireless receivers, located in clinical and nonclinical sections of the hospital, track the doctors as they move throughout the building, logging exactly how much time they spend delivering patient care and how much time they spend on nonclinical activities.

Our state-of-the-art technology frees physicians from the hassle of tracking their time and increases hospitals’ financial peace of mind. But we don’t just install our system and leave you to fend for yourself. With decades of experience working with Critical Access Hospitals and emergency room physicians, we understand how to help everyone in your organization see the value of the RTLS and can support them as they implement and use it.

Manual tracking is old technology. Upgrade to HCS’s RTLS and watch new technology improve your emergency department’s finances.