Physician Billing

Staying current on all of the details associated with coding and billing for physician professional services can in itself be a full-time job. While many medical billing services appear straightforward, deciphering and decoding the medical billing records in a way consistent with third-party demands, yet within the constraints of available documentation, is difficult under the best circumstances.

Healthcare Compliance Systems works with emergency department billing and provides focused coding, documentation, and reimbursement processes that support the physician’s practice. We are medical claims and billing specialists, with experienced staff, who have been involved in successfully coding and billing hundreds of thousands of patient encounters. Our experience in professional fee coding and medical transcription billing is your assurance of timely and accurate medical practice billing.

Why Choose Healthcare Claims Solutions, Inc.

Medical Billing Physician Billing

Healthcare Claim Solutions, Inc.

Helps physicians and health care organizations understand and improve their revenue management.

The health of your practice is a major concern to you…and for over twenty years has been our priority as well.

HCS provides an array of services built around fee-for-service reimbursement in either independent or hospital-based clinical environments.